How much can your job advert be improved

The job title and the job description are CRUCIAL for getting the most, and the best applications. At Employment4students our account managers look at job titles, descriptions, and the applications they generate very day. These are figures from a job advert which we re-wrote, and a job title which we analysed and changed to improve conversions

Job Title

The client, advertising a position for web user testers, used the following job title: 

“Tester. Get Paid to Review Websites – USD$10 each (20 to 30 minutes)”

After a quick discussion a few issues were identified. The job title itself was too long, and the component parts were not clear enough. Equally putting a value in terms of dollars dis-incentivised applications. The new job title implemented was as follows:

“Get paid to test websites from home”

A quick and simple title – which clearly explains the benefits of this role. Although there are of course other variables, the change in itself has resulted in a 392% increase in job views.

Job Description

The most important thing to look at here is the percentage of people who have viewed the job, and have then gone on to make an application.

If you would like to have a discussion on your vacancies, and how best to advertise them, then do please get in touch. We’d love to hear more about your requirements and what you are trying to achieve and see how we can help!By making changes in the job description we have increased the application rate – even though the biggest increase has been the result of getting more people to look at the job advert (changing the job title).

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