Using social media to find a job

Where are you advertising your vacancy? Are you ensuring that you are engaging, or the jobsite you are using, is engaging with candidates?

Econmatters / Jobvite / MBA Online have done some research to show how people are using social media for job searching. Although the research has been done in the US, and the market is different from in the UK, it is generally agreed that trends seen in the US market also appear in the UK (sooner or later!).

Anyway, I digress..

1) 50% of job hunters last year used Facebook to look for a job

2) 16% of job hunters got a job referral through Facebook

3) 18.4 million people in the US say that Facebook got them their current job

These figures show that social media is becoming more and more important – and why we here at Employment4students place so much emphasis on it. Ultimately it can help you find the right employee. By letting jobseekers share and like your vacancies, virally spreading it amongst friends, and by attracting candidates to our Facebook page we are actively putting your vacancy in the social arena. It lets people tell others about what you are offering, and helps get your vacancy out to passive jobseekers or those who otherwise might not have seen it.

At Employment4students we’re constantly looking to improve our engagement with candidates so that we can provide you with better applications. I didn’t intend this to become a sales pitch – but it’s more important than ever if you’re recruiting that you use a jobsite that can get you out to jobseekers – the best of them, and the largest number.

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