Any apprenticeships down south

According to the Associated Press – 70% of apprenticeships are in the North. Not only is there the a real North – South divide occurring, research has apparently shown that “fewer than 1% of young people in the Kensington and Chelsea area of London started an apprenticeship, compared with around 15% in the East Riding of Yorkshire”

Inevitably everyone is starting to talk about if people “down south” know about apprenticeships, and whether there is more need and requirement from young people in the North. What we don’t know though is whether there are as many openings in the South as in the North. There is also a massive difference in business across the country, with more manufacturing and companies traditionally associated with these kind of work opportunities in the North.

Whatever the reason, and whatever conclusions you draw, one thing is certain. If apprenticeships are going to work as a way of getting more young people into work, then more companies need to introduce them, and across a wider range of sectors.

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