91% of recruiters screen candidates using social media

This is a pretty big stat! Reppler, a service that helps you manage your online profile, has carried out a piece of research which has some amazing results.

Not only are 91% of recruiters using social media in their recruitment process to screen applicants, but apparently 69% have rejected candidates based on something that was seen or uncovered in the social media research. This can range from having inappropriate photos to lying about their qualifications.

On the other side, 68% of people questioned claim that they have hired a candidate based on what they saw on a social networking site. Specific reasons for hiring include giving a good impression of their personality and showing good communication or creative skills.

Social networking is becoming ever more popular and it’s crucial that within the recruitment sector both employers and employees constantly strive to find more ways of using it to improve the process. As a recruiter are you one of the 91% that uses social networks to help you with your recruitment?

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