Candidates using more job boards than ever

If you are looking to advertise your vacancies, how extensively should you advertise it? Should you put it on one job board – and hope the best candidates are there? Should you try and reach a wider audience and advertise it on more job sites? Research carried out recently can now shed a bit of light and make this easier to answer.

A recruitment review by Jobsite quite recently found that :

– 58% of jobseekers only use one or two job boards.

As the majority of jobseekers are not using multiple job boards, the implication is that as a company advertising a vacancy you may need to advertise on multiple job boards. This stat suggests that the assumption that job sites in similar niches all have the same candidates, is incorrect.

– 14% of jobseekers use 5 or more job boards.

If you are advertising a student job for example, or perhaps an internship, and there is a choice of 5 comparable jobsites to to advertise with, then the chances are that the overlap of candidates is only around 14%. Again, this implies that you need to advertise widely to ensure you are in front of all the relevant candidates

When it comes to advertising on jobsites versus using other channels to advertise jobs, our NORAS data suggests the following:

– 20% of jobseekers ONLY use recruitment sites to find jobs.

Using any other media, including social media, careers fairs, networking etc can all be extremely beneficial to the recruitment process, but use these on their own, and there will be a lot of candidates who potentially will not be reached by your advertising.

– 74% of candidates will not approach employers directly

This makes a strong case for using jobsites in general, and Employment4students specifically. 74% of our audience have stated that they would not approach employers. In order to reach these candidates clients need to advertise their vacancies and ensure that they do attract the very best.

– 84% of candidates use online media for jobsearching.

The final stat, from the Jobsite review, shows the ever-increasing importance of online media. Whether it be job boards, social media or similar, more and more candidates use online to find work. For any company looking to attract candidates, online is not something that can be ignored.

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