NORAS analysis and info about E4S candidates


NORAS is the largest online recruitment research project in Europe. It has run for 9 years and helps you assess the audience and value of the UK’s leading job boards. NORAS survey data has been completed by 130,000 online job seekers and includes more than 10,000,000 data points and answers to online recruitment questions. Employment4students has been part of the NORAS research since 2009 and provides you with an independent insight into our candidates.

NORAS - Science of Recruitment

The NORAS data also gives credibility to the figures we use, and independent verification of the candidates we have visiting the site. We believe that backing up our statistics with evidence is crucial – and we continue to work with independent bodies including NORAS and ABCe to ensure that you can verify exactly what Employment4students is offering.

1)      What age are E4S candidates?

“76% of our candidates are between the ages of 16 – 24. At Employment4students we focus on targeting candidates who are either still in or have just completed their education. Our emphasis is on finding relevant candidates for your positions.

The NORAS 2012 research also shows that Employment4students has a higher percentage of 16 – 24 years visiting the website than any of our direct competitors.” 

NORAS 2012 Age Graph


2)      What are E4S candidates currently doing?

“70% of our candidates are currently studying – and just 7% have full time jobs. This shows that Employment4students is successfully targeting students and not just generic jobseekers. E4S marketing in schools, colleges and universities ensures that you advertise to the jobseekers you require.”

NORAS 2012 - Working Status


3)      What are candidates currently studying?

NORAS 2012 - Area of Qualification“Candidates using Employment4 students are drawn from a wide range of academic disciplines – even though the bias towards Business, Finance and Management as well as Humanities and the different Sciences indicates that our audience is highly academic and well educated.

The table also shows that 87% of our candidates are studying in the main 16 fields. Although there is a range of disciplines – it is still focused in specific areas.”

4)      Candidates open to different opportunitiesNORAS 2012 - Full time and Part time

“With most job boards, candidates are looking for very specific vacancies. At Employment4students however candidates are more open to a range of different types of vacancies.

A good example is the overlap between looking for part time and full time work. With 37% of our candidates specifically looking for full time work, there are still 80% looking for part time positions.”

5)      How good are applications from E4S?NORAS 2012 - Job Applications

“The more tailored and targeted the application for your vacancy – the better it is. On many jobsites, candidates can easily apply for multiple vacancies and consequently the quality drops.

 58% of E4S candidates only apply for 0 -3 jobs however. This shows that candidates on Employment4students are NOT serial applicants, wasting client time and resources .

Instead, our candidates focus on applying for a small number of relevant jobs”

6)                Active vs. Passive?

 “Employment4students has a very high percentage of active jobseekers – showing that our candidates are interested in your vacancies. With only 17% passive jobseekers, you can be assured that our candidate traffic translates directly to applications.”

NORAS 2012 - describe your situation


Employment4students is the most visited student jobsite for undergraduate jobs in the UK. Averaging approx 250,000 visitors per month, and over 2.75 million users in 2012, we can deliver quality candidates for a range of positions. Clients use Employment4students to advertise part time jobs, temporary jobs, school leaver positions, internships and other student programmes, as well as graduate jobs.

There are a range of advertising options – from placing a standard advert, which can be done online, and can go live immediately, to sending e-shots to our database of over 116,000 active registered users (Jan 2013).

We have a range of clients – from some of the biggest banks and retailers recruiting hundreds of interns and school leavers, to small businesses looking to recruit part timers and temporary staff. With over 303,000 job descriptions viewed per month (January 2013) and over 95,000 applications (January 2013), we are confident that we can help you. Please get in touch to find out more.