Why Job Boards Remain A Valuable Part Of Employers’ Recruitment Strategies

When it comes to recruiting the best new staff, job boards can play a valuable role in your recruitment strategy. With more and more digital recruitment taking place these days, using job boards is probably already a part of your recruitment strategy for harnessing and retaining the best staff – and research consistently shows that online recruitment is on the up. In fact, online recruitment is now seen as the norm rather than a niche for those job seekers who happen to be internet savvy, and job boards play a big role in linking employers with candidates in a fast and easy way that is also more economical.

All employers know that the recruitment process can be both time consuming and expensive, and job boards can be an ideal way to find the staff you need more quickly. As we have said in previous blog posts, there is no one strategy that gives employers the magic wand for recruiting the best staff. Rather, a combination of strategies can be more effective and job boards such as E4S can play a central role.

For example, E4S is the number 1 most visited website for undergraduate jobs. So, if you are looking to recruit students and other young people for part time jobs at evenings and weekends, or you have vacancies for summer holiday jobs or at Christmas, then a website and job board such as E4S could be both useful and economical for you. Even with the growth of social media, the number of job boards is still growing and one reason for this is that perhaps job seekers can just visit the one site to look for a variety of vacancies rather than concentrating on following a whole host of different social media accounts. Social media and job boards can be used together rather than them being two mutually exclusive entities that job seekers need to choose between.

In 2014, there are various benefits to making use of job boards in your recruitment strategy for finding and maintaining the best staff at all levels. Here are some of the benefits to bear in mind when your company needs to fill vacancies with quality people.

1. Job boards are popular, fast and value for money

Job boards are now the number 1 way people use to seek employment and, with the increasing financial costs of going to university, many students now fit part time jobs and holiday jobs around their studies. Job boards are a popular route for students and young people to find jobs (as we said above, E4S is the most visited website for undergraduate jobs) so you could fill your vacancies quickly by advertising on them.

As well as being effective in staff recruitment with regards to speed – you can see your job advert very quickly on job boards – they can also prove to be cost effective, too. More traditional advertising such as newspapers and magazines can be costly, depending on the size of the advert you are posting, you need to wait for your advertisement to appear in the relevant edition of the newspaper and you are also relying on someone happening upon your job vacancy.

2. Job boards can mean employers have a good chance of finding the right candidate for the job

The E4S job board is a place where students, graduates and young people such as school leavers come to look for employment – both full time and part time jobs. By using job boards such as E4S and employing students, they are then getting experience of the workplace. Young people can be full of enthusiasm and can also bring novel ideas to your company which perhaps had never been considered previously. And there is also the benefit that because employing young people is part of your recruitment strategy, as an employer, you may be able to mould your new staff more effectively to suit your business and way of working.

If their SEO is effective, then job boards are effective. Employers can take advantage of the fact that their job vacancies will appear high up in the Google rankings and other search engines so that potential applicants spot the vacancies and this increases the chances of being able to recruit the best staff for your vacancies. Employers’ job vacancies are there for as long as employers want them to be which means students and young people who spot vacancies can come back to them as and when and find the adverts easily.

3. Job boards put employers in control of their staff recruitment

Whilst many larger companies can also make use of recruitment agencies as part of their recruitment strategy to employ and retain the best staff, small and medium enterprises might not have this option due to lack of funds. Job boards put employers in control of their own online advertising which means they can create their own advert so that, in the case of E4S, they recruit students and young people who can fully match specific recruitment criteria.

We’re not all experts when it comes to IT or completely savvy when it comes to the internet but placing ads on job boards is a quick and simple process which even the most reluctant users of tech should be able to negotiate.

4. Job Boards allow employers to really target the right people

As well as general job boards, these days, there are many types of niche job boards out there. In the case of E4S, if you an employer using this job board, then chances are, you are looking to recruit students, graduates and other young people. This could be for entry level jobs on a part time or seasonal basis, apprenticeships, school leaver programmes or tailored graduate programmes.

Having job boards such as E4S as part of the recruitment strategy means employers should cut down on the number of applications from unsuitable candidates and, therefore, cut down on having unfilled vacancies for a long period of time. Obviously, it also follows that if the original job advert was placed on relevant job boards and staff were recruited as a result of that, there is a stronger chance of improving staff retention within the company because the advert was so targeted in the first place. Job boards, particularly niche job boards, mean employers looking to recruit staff can get their message across to a specific group of people.

5. Job boards can be good for company branding

In an effort to harness the best young talent and retain quality staff, a company’s recruitment strategies mean they also need to market themselves to tempt applications from the candidates they want. Branding is a key part of this so that applicants can easily recognise the company they are applying to – and job boards are a useful way for companies to display what they have to offer.

E4S, for example, give employers the opportunity to have a company profile which gives students and young people the opportunity to find out a bit about the firm before they apply for any vacancies. As well as company background and the types of staff the company looks for, firms are also given the opportunity to display promotional videos and link to the company website. Building a brand amongst the people a firm is trying to reach – in this case, young people and students – increases the chances of more targeted recruitment.

With the E4S job board, company profiles stay on the site regardless of whether there are any current vacancies being advertised. Those looking for student jobs or other types of work can research companies in their own time and this can mean, when job vacancies are advertised, there might be more applications which will possibly come through quicker than usual.

6. Job boards can be used in conjunction with social media and other strategies

The world of technology and the internet is constantly changing, and those employers that have spotted the power of social media have been making use of that as part of their recruitment strategy. Effective recruitment and future staff retention makes use of a variety of techniques rather than an either / or approach. While different companies can develop their own social media presence for company branding and for recruiting staff, companies such as E4S who offer job board services also use social media to further promote current vacancies and other relevant information.

E4S make use of social media to share relevant student news, to build relationships with students and young people and also to network with companies which are looking to recruit young staff. You can find E4S on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/employment4students

Twitter: https://twitter.com/e4scouk

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/e4scouk/

Google +: https://plus.google.com/+E4ScoukStudentJobs/posts

Young people and students who are actively seeking part time and full time jobs can also set up job alerts with E4S so that any relevant job vacancies can be sent to their email as soon as they are advertised.

As mentioned above, E4S is the United Kingdom’s most visited website for undergraduate jobs. If you are an employer looking to recruit students, graduates or young people to work for your company, whatever type of role it is, you can advertise your vacancy to over 300,000 candidates a month. Registration with E4S takes only a few minutes – simply fill in the required fields in our Post Ad section and follow the step by step instructions. In our About Us section, you will find out about why we E4S was formed and how we have grown since we started. Our daily stats, independently audited by abc, are also displayed. And if you would like to see any testimonials from other companies recruiting through E4S, and for statistics on demographics of where students are looking for jobs and the types of subjects they are studying, you can visit our dedicated audience page.

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