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2015 On The Employer Blog – A Review Of the Last 12 Months

So, it’s that time of year again. By the fact that it is the final month of the year, December always seems to be the time that we take stock; take a pause and look back at the…

December 20 2015

10 Ways To Engage New Recruits Straight Away So They Stay With Your Company Longer

It can be easy to assume that once you have gone through the process of writing a great a job ad to attract people to apply for your latest vacancies, and you have gone through the interview process…

November 30 2015

Advantages Of Psychometric Testing For Employers

Introduction to Psychometric Testing The purpose of this blog is to address various issues around employment and recruitment for employers looking to employ young people, whether they be school leavers looking to embark on an apprenticeship, for example,…

October 31 2015

8 Challenges Faced By Employers (And How To Face Them Head On)

Recruiting the best staff to your company is always going to be a top priority for you as an employer, whether you are a small and medium enterprise or part of a large, corporate firm. It sounds simple…

August 31 2015

How To Write The Perfect Job Ad

Over the past few months, we’ve looked at many different ways of attracting young school leavers, students and graduates to not only apply for your job vacancies, but to also attract them into sticking around once you have…

July 30 2015

The Top Perks Employers Can Offer Their Employees

I’ve written posts in the past about the challenges companies can face when it comes to staff retention. We are now in a culture where, for many reasons, the notion of a job for life is increasingly fading….

June 28 2015

Is Your Company Losing Out Because Staff Are Not Using Their Holiday Entitlement?

As an employer in the United Kingdom, you will be fully aware that your team of staff are entitled to take annual leave from their positions and perhaps, you might even be aware that not all of your…

May 29 2015

Youth Employment UK – Is The System Letting Young People Down?

As the UK general elections draw ever nearer, the various political parties are outlining their manifestos and, as is the norm, employment figures and the state of the British economy are one of the main points that are…

April 23 2015

Women & Employment – The State Of The Gender Pay Gap In The UK

With general elections in the United Kingdom fast approaching, the various political parties are doing the rounds, trying to convince us all that they are the best choice when it comes to running the nation. Each party will…

March 28 2015

National Apprenticeship Week And Beyond

9th – 13th March – National Apprenticeship Week This week, 9th -13th March, is National Apprenticeship Week and there are events taking place all over England to promote both the week but, more importantly, the benefits of apprenticeships…

March 09 2015

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