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Top Clichés To Avoid In Job Advertisements

Are you guilty of using clichés and jargon when creating your job advertisements?  We are back in the world of job advertisements again. Well, these few words – spoken and written – are sometimes the first words many…

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2023: A year of recruitment reinvention for UK companies hiring young staff

We’re just about to enter the world of 2024 and can’t wait to see what that has in store for us in terms of recruitment. But before we become immersed in that world, let’s first take a look…

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Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Budget Statement 2023 – What Level Of Satisfied Are You?

Another season of the year, another Budget Statement – this time, the Autumn Statement. Employers around the UK will have been watching to see what was announced in the hope that those announcements benefit businesses and the economy…

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How Both Employers & Employees Are Embracing Benefits In The Workplace – A Comprehensive Guide

As we head towards the end of 2023, as an employer or recruiter, you may have found that you have been forced to become more creative when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best young talent out…

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How does the Cost of Living Crisis impact the UK workplace?

For many of us in the United Kingdom and, indeed, around different parts of the world, we will have felt at least some of the impact of the current cost of living crisis that is so often in…

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Embracing AI in the workplace: A catalyst for innovation & efficiency rather than a threat to jobs

It’s certainly the hot topic of the present day: AI or Artificial Intelligence. A hot topic not just in the workplace but also in all other areas of our modern daily life. As an employer, you might have…

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Why you can’t fill job vacancies (& what you can do to fix the problem)

We know that finding the right young candidates to fill job vacancies can be a challenging and time-consuming process.  Despite your best efforts, there may be instances where the position remains open for an extended period, causing frustration…

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Unlocking the power of job boards: The benefits of using job boards for recruitment

These days, when recruiting new people to your team of staff, there is a whole host of strategies you can use for getting your job advert out there. So much so, that the number of choices can be…

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Recruiting Tips for Start-up Companies: How To Combat Obstacles Of Attracting Young Top Talent for Growth and Success

You are a start-up with ambitious plans for the future. You are hiring. You want young talent to apply for your roles so that you have the best team possible to carry your company forward. But how do…

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How To Appeal To Eco Conscious and Socially Responsible Young People In Your Recruitment

Whether you are looking to recruit school leavers, students or graduates to your company, when you are recruiting young people, you first need to be able to appeal to those people in the right way. This is true…

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