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Are You Paying Your Employees Enough?

If you are an employer with a startup company or an SME, then you might be the person who is in charge of not only trying to attract the best young talent to work for your company; you…

November 30 2021

How to attract female candidates studying STEM

We often get asked this by employers wanting to get more women into science and technology roles. According to PwC, 3% of females say a career in tech is their first choice and just 16% of women have…

July 24 2020

How You Can Get Involved In Your Local Community As An Employer – And Why You Should Make The Effort

CSR are three initials that are increasingly important to the ongoing success of companies of all shapes and sizes. Corporate Social Responsibility. Whatever service or product you are offering and however many employees you have on your payroll,…

September 26 2018

How Employers Can Reduce Stress In The Workplace

For those suffering from stress, it can be a debilitating illness. There are lots of reasons why people can become stressed and, as an employer, you will no doubt be aware that lots of people become stressed as…

June 30 2018

How Inclusive Is Your Workplace?

‘Inclusivity,’ ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ are all phrases that good employers are well aware of and will have policies in place to show that the workplace is indeed inclusive, diverse and equal for all. However, have you ever sat…

February 28 2018

2016 On The E4S Recruiter Blog – A Year In Review

It’s December. This is the time of year where many writers, bloggers, vloggers, TV presenters and radio presenters put a break on the charge forward. It is the time of year where a moment is taken to just…

December 30 2016

How The Relationship Between Good Business Practice & Young Recruits Can Benefit Your Business

The very phrase ‘good business practice’ surely suggests that if you strive for good business practice, then your company will obviously benefit from this. But what is the relationship between good business practice and young recruits and what…

September 30 2016

Should Employees Be A Part Of The Boardroom?

Since the British public voted in favour of Britain leaving the European Union, the Brexit vote has lead to both immediate changes and also decisions that will have to be made in the upcoming months. One of those…

August 01 2016

The Top Perks Employers Can Offer Their Employees

I’ve written posts in the past about the challenges companies can face when it comes to staff retention. We are now in a culture where, for many reasons, the notion of a job for life is increasingly fading….

June 28 2015

Is Your Company Losing Out Because Staff Are Not Using Their Holiday Entitlement?

As an employer in the United Kingdom, you will be fully aware that your team of staff are entitled to take annual leave from their positions and perhaps, you might even be aware that not all of your…

May 29 2015

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