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Should Employees Be A Part Of The Boardroom?

Since the British public voted in favour of Britain leaving the European Union, the Brexit vote has lead to both immediate changes and also decisions that will have to be made in the upcoming months. One of those…

August 01 2016

The Top Perks Employers Can Offer Their Employees

I’ve written posts in the past about the challenges companies can face when it comes to staff retention. We are now in a culture where, for many reasons, the notion of a job for life is increasingly fading….

June 28 2015

Is Your Company Losing Out Because Staff Are Not Using Their Holiday Entitlement?

As an employer in the United Kingdom, you will be fully aware that your team of staff are entitled to take annual leave from their positions and perhaps, you might even be aware that not all of your…

May 29 2015

How Employers Can Benefit Students & Young People By Offering Holiday Jobs

It’s always been a Catch 22 situation for both the employer and the applicant when it comes to employing students and young people. Employers commonly complain that they can’t find suitable candidates with the relevant work or life…

July 29 2014

5 Ways SMEs Can Retain Staff And Harness The Best Young Talent

Many of the companies that look to recruit students, graduates and other young people via the services offered by E4S are SMEs. Whatever the size of the company, whether it is a larger corporation, a medium sized company…

July 17 2014

Why More Employers Are Benefitting From The Implementation Of School Leaver Programmes And Apprenticeships

The future of your business is down to the talented staff you employ and your recruitment strategy is crucial in attracting the best young applicants for this. Upon recruitment, it’s all about training the young people you have…

February 21 2014

10 Reasons Why You Should Give Young People A Student Job Opportunity With Your Company

Depending on the type of business you run – you might do bulk recruitment for seasonal staff over busy periods such as Christmas or summer, for example, or your recruitment strategy might just be to recruit staff as…

January 21 2014

How To Recruit The Best Students Or Graduates AND Make Sure You Retain Them

The success and growth of all firms is ultimately down to the quality of the employees working there and so, when you are on your next recruitment drive, you need to make sure you get the best people…

November 30 2013

Tackling Youth Unemployment

The current problem of youth unemployment is firmly placed on the radar of governments throughout the European Union – with some European countries facing levels soaring to 50%. Governments now realise the problem must be fully recognised and…

June 30 2013

Essential Interview Questions To Find The Best Student Employees

If you are a smaller company, you are no doubt fully aware that the taking on of new staff and the whole advertising process before that can be both expensive and time consuming. Firstly, you need to create…

May 17 2013

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