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8 Interview Questions You Can Ask To Assess A Candidate For Company Culture Fit

When you have vacancies at your company and the time has come to do a recruitment drive, you obviously want to make sure you are hiring the right people for the job. When graduates, students and school leavers…

May 31 2022

How To Attract The Best Candidates For Your Vacancies In 2022

During the Coronavirus pandemic, employers were naturally faced with many new challenges that required fast thinking and adaptation so that companies could stay afloat.  Depending on the nature of your company, you might have been in a situation…

February 28 2022

How To Help Young Staff Succeed In Your Workplace Post-Pandemic

We’re living in a different world to that which existed before the pandemic took hold. Now, after lockdowns and workplace closures, many companies around the UK are able to reopen office space and staff can return to work….

August 31 2021

How To Attract The Best Employees To Your Seasonal Jobs

For some types of business, the hiring of seasonal workers is essential for the smooth and successful running of the company. Particularly for recruitment in the hospitality, retail and distribution sectors, the recruitment of summer seasonal workers and…

July 31 2021

Why Students are Refusing to Go Back to Hospitality, Post-Covid

Following on from our article last month about ‘Recruiting Young People To Your Hospitality Business Post-Covid’ we asked one of our current student interns for her thoughts on the sector. Here’s what she said: A 21 year old…

July 23 2021

Recruiting Young People To Your Hospitality Business Post-Covid – What To Look For In Your Candidates

When young people are looking for part time work at evenings and weekends or during holidays, many of them are drawn towards entry level jobs, especially within the hospitality and leisure industry. If you are an employer in…

June 30 2021

How Employers Can Attract Gen Z Employees, Post-Pandemic

Have you taken any steps yet towards attracting Generation Z applicants to your vacancies? We’re not out of the woods yet, but as we begin to come to terms with – and begin to emerge from – the…

June 08 2021

Boost Your Employer Brand For More Efficient & Effective Recruitment

Advertise your job vacancies and you will (hopefully) attract a lot of applicants for the role you are advertising. But are you attracting the applicants you want or the applicants you need to be able to do that…

January 31 2021

2020 In Review – A Year Like No Other!

At the beginning of 2020, none of us could have predicted what was going to happen to the UK – and, indeed the world – just a few weeks later. As news filtered out from China that a…

December 30 2020

Top 4 Advantages Of An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) For Employers

Are you using an applicant tracking system for recruiting young people to your company? If not then this article might convince you otherwise by pointing out the benefits of making use of one. If you are an employer…

November 05 2020

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