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Getting the most from your job ad!

Is your ad getting views but little to no applications? Are you getting irrelevant applicants for your role? Follow our best practice guide to increase the views & conversion to application. Improve content to increase relevancy of candidates…

April 23 2024

How To Keep Your 2024 Candidates Interested During The Application Process

For many positions, especially graduate jobs and some Apprenticeship programmes, the application process can take place in stages over a period of time. And, during this time, school leavers, students and graduates are likely to have applied for…

March 30 2024

Leveraging the Gig Economy in your student recruitment – Pros & cons for employers

There are lots of strategies out there that employers can utilise when looking to recruit young people to their roles. In this article, we’ll take a look at how employers can utilise the gig economy and also consider…

February 29 2024

Top Clichés To Avoid In Job Advertisements

Are you guilty of using clichés and jargon when creating your job advertisements?  We are back in the world of job advertisements again. Well, these few words – spoken and written – are sometimes the first words many…

February 13 2024

Embracing AI in the workplace: A catalyst for innovation & efficiency rather than a threat to jobs

It’s certainly the hot topic of the present day: AI or Artificial Intelligence. A hot topic not just in the workplace but also in all other areas of our modern daily life. As an employer, you might have…

August 31 2023

Why you can’t fill job vacancies (& what you can do to fix the problem)

We know that finding the right young candidates to fill job vacancies can be a challenging and time-consuming process.  Despite your best efforts, there may be instances where the position remains open for an extended period, causing frustration…

July 31 2023

Unlocking the power of job boards: The benefits of using job boards for recruitment

These days, when recruiting new people to your team of staff, there is a whole host of strategies you can use for getting your job advert out there. So much so, that the number of choices can be…

June 30 2023

8 Interview Questions You Can Ask To Assess A Candidate For Company Culture Fit

When you have vacancies at your company and the time has come to do a recruitment drive, you obviously want to make sure you are hiring the right people for the job. When graduates, students and school leavers…

May 31 2022

How To Attract The Best Candidates For Your Vacancies In 2022

During the Coronavirus pandemic, employers were naturally faced with many new challenges that required fast thinking and adaptation so that companies could stay afloat.  Depending on the nature of your company, you might have been in a situation…

February 28 2022

How To Help Young Staff Succeed In Your Workplace Post-Pandemic

We’re living in a different world to that which existed before the pandemic took hold. Now, after lockdowns and workplace closures, many companies around the UK are able to reopen office space and staff can return to work….

August 31 2021

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