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How To Recruit Tech Talent To Your Company

All companies and organisations, whatever field they operate in, need a tech person or, indeed, a tech team to create, implement and maintain the IT systems that are used in the day to day running of the business….

November 30 2018

Graduate Recruitment – Key Challenges Faced By Employers

Do you have a graduate recruitment policy in your workplace? Or, are you looking to recruit graduates in the future in order to drive your company forward? University graduates make up some of Britain’s best young talent and…

September 30 2018

12 Top Tips For Filling Those Hard To Fill Roles

Whatever type of company you work for or are recruiting for, there are always those roles that are difficult to fill. It might be a role that is difficult to retain the staff for once you do fill…

May 31 2018

How To Reject Job Candidates Without Tainting Your Reputation

On this Recruiter blog, we concentrate a lot on best recruitment practice and how to retain your best young talent once you’ve employed them. How to attract students to your roles, how to write killer job ads so…

March 31 2018

How Bilingual And Multilingual Staff Can Benefit Your Business

‘Globalisation’ is a term often used when it comes to the success and failure of business. Communicating on a global level has never been easier with video calls – and online companies offering free and specialised business services…

January 31 2018

Keeping It Legal – Interview Questions You Are Not Allowed To Ask Your Candidates

When job vacancies arise in your workplace, you are obviously looking for the best staff who will fill those roles and take your company forward. Whether you are recruiting graduates for your graduate schemes or you are employing…

December 31 2017

Can Employers Do More To Help Bridge The UK Skills Gap?

The ‘UK skills gap,’ the ‘UK skills shortage.’ Phrases that never seem to go away and it certainly looks as though 2017 is not going to be any different to previous years. As with many of the issues…

February 28 2017

Benefits Of Flexible Working Hours For Employers

As an employer, you will be fully aware that it is law in Great Britain (the law in Northern Ireland is slightly different) that most employees with at least 26 weeks of service have the right to ask…

November 28 2016

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