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Mindfulness In The Workplace – What Is Mindfulness And What Are The Benefits?

What Is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is certainly a buzzword in many workplaces right now, but what exactly is it and why do we need to be aware of it? Originating in Buddhist thought, Mindfulness is a way of being….

February 28 2020

6 lessons Talent Acquisition can learn from Marketing

Since moving into the world of recruitment from Marketing, I’ve realised just how much they have in common. I’ve seen it done well, and I’ve seen it done badly. Here are my top tips for anyone in a…

November 20 2019

Mind Your Language – Words & Phrases Recruiters Should Avoid Using With Candidates At Interview

When it comes to recruiting staff to your company, you probably have a very good idea of the type of candidate you are looking for. But, how do you go about making sure you hook that ideal candidate?…

November 30 2017

How Millennials Can Make A Difference In Your Workplace

We are all no doubt familiar with the terms Generation X, Generation Y, Baby Boomers; all labels for various groups of people born at particular periods in time. These are the people that apparently define a generation. And…

November 22 2017

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