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We are very proud of our unique and constantly expanding audience. View our live statistics below to learn more about your new target market (data direct from Google Analytics!).





Live Website Traffic

The last 30 days traffic. As with other major jobsites, our jobseekers follow particular trends, with most people looking for vacancies on a Monday. The graph shows how many visitors we have on a daily basis.

Most Active Days: Mondays & Tuesdays

Devices Used

To attract the best candidates, we need to reach people on their preferred medium.

Over 60% of our jobseekers use a mobile or tablet, so we tailor what we do to make sure that they can apply for your vacancies easily and quickly.


We have more than 2.6 million people visiting E4S every year – and they come from across the whole of the UK. From the far north of Scotland down to the south west of England, we have jobseekers looking for your roles throughout the country.

Full UK Coverage
All Major Cities
Rural Villages to Central London

We attract the best quality candidates across all sectors. The independent statistics below show what you can expect from our audience.

How Qualified are our Candidates? (%)

What are our Candidates Studying? (%)

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