2022 – A Year In Recruitment

How was your 2022 with regards recruitment of young people to your company? Depending on the nature of the company, you might have had a more difficuşt time than usual with many sectors suffering from staff shortages. 

If you are looking to recruit more young talent to your workplace in 2023 then you are in the right place. 

Here are some 2022 figures for you. In 2022:

  • Over 1.3 million young people visited the e4s website – your target audience.
  • They were looking for part time roles, holiday jobs, internships, apprenticeships, graduate jobs, placements and gap year roles.
  • We travelled across the UK to 20 different careers fairs.
  • We continued to grow our brand on Instagram and TikTok where we can advertise for clients.
  • We launched a podcast offering tips and advice to young people and speaking with special guests.
  • And in 2023, we are hoping to have a new design for the website.

All of this together adds up to more young people seeing your vacancies and we hope you will be advertising with us so that you reach your targeted audience. 

On the Recruiter blog, we offer advice and tips about all things recruitment and we continued to do that throughout 2022.

So, before we head off into 2023, let’s take a look at what happened in 2022. A year where the UK was still attempting to rebound from the pandemic and deal with the fallout from Brexit. 

Attract The Best Candidates

Back in February of 2022, we took a look at some tips for how you can go about attracting the best candidates to your vacancies for the year ahead.

Staff were coming back to the workplace after being furloughed, many were still working from home – and may still be for 2023.

Once recruitment could begin again with a bit more confidence, many employers were looking at more innovative ways of working. After all, the pandemic had forced many employers to think creatively in keeping their company afloat and as many staff as possible in a job. 

During 2021, understandably, recruitment wasn’t top of most employers’ agendas. 2022 was the year where recruitment needed to begin again for many. This article about attracting the best candidates to your roles looked at some of the tweaks you could make to your recruitment process.  

From carrying out an analysis of your job ads to pay and inclusivity, Gen Z are taken into account throughout.

Mental Health Awareness

Thankfully, there is much more awareness of mental health issues that there was in tears gone by and dealing with our mental health and that of other people’s is more of a priority.

Throughout the pandemic, people’s mental health was affected in different ways and many employers implemented systems to go some way towards helping employees navigate their way through the uncertain times.

However, this could have also meant that, as an employer, whilst you were navigating your own way through the pandemic and ensuring your company stayed afloat, your own mental health became neglected.

This article about how managers can look after their own mental health gave some pointers towards what you can do to look after yourself whilst also trying to make sure staff are getting the support they need. 

These are simple, practical steps that can easily be put into place in your daily routine and go a long way to pushing your mental health in a positive direction.

Inclusive Recruitment

E4s is all about the recruitment of young people to workplaces in all types of roles. This blog offers strategies that you can implement so that you attract young talent to your workplace. 

And if you want to attract young talent, they will have a good look at your company before applying for roles to see whether diversity and inclusivity is taken seriously. 

You can demonstrate this by going right back to your recruitment process and making sure that process is as inclusive as it can be, making sure young people can both understand and relate to your job ad. 

If they don’t understand your job ad, you have alienated them at the first step and lost the chance of attracting some young talent to your team of staff. 

Read more here about inclusive recruitment

Culture Fit

When you are recruiting yıng people to your company, you need to be as sure as you can be that, as well as the skills and qualifications they are goşng to bring to the role, they are also going to fit in well with your company culture. 

In this article about assessing candidates for company culture fit, we offer 8 questions you can ask in an interview. These questions should give you a better idea of the person you are interviewing. 

If you think assessing for culture fit is all about hiring clones of yourself or other employees so that everyone works in a similar way, this article changes all that and takes diversity into consşderation. 

Young people can share your company values – thus being a good culture fit – but can bring a whole new approach to problem solving and ways of working. 

Re-Engage Your Disengaged Staff

All employers want a team of happy, motivated and productive staff but there are times when employees can become disengaged. This can be a financial burden on companies, especially if you are an employer in a smaller set up. 

So how do you go about re-engaging those staff who aren’t as engaged as they were at the beginning?

Because disengaged staff are not necessarily bad staff and are valuable to the firm’s future success. Something has happened to cause the disengagement and this is what needs to be addressed so that they don’t decide to move on to pastures new.  

This article about getting disengaged staff back on track offers practical tips that you can employ. From how to spot when staff members are becoming disengaged to steps youı cna take to combat that.

Especially with young people who are new to the workplace, they might need a bit of guidance by way of a mentor or buddy system, for example. 

Recruitment On A Tight Budget

We all know about the cost of living crisis and this looks set to continue into 2023. Tightening of belts all round.

And if you are an employer for an SME, your budget is likely to be tighter than that of larger firms. So recruitment, for you, is necessary but costly.

In this July article about recruiting on a budget we looked at some practical tips for effective recruitment that doesn’t waste unnecessary time and money. 

It’s all aboıt doing some thinking and careful planning before you begin your recruitment drive. It’s about being specific and knowing who you want to come and work for you and making sure your recruitment drive targets those people. 

Do You Know About T Levels?

In August 2022, we wrote about the new qualification that has become one of the options available to young people after they have completed their compulsory education at 16. 

T Levels are designed to prepare young people for the workplace by giving them the skills and qualifications they need and also offering a period of work experience at the same time. Whilst the qualification is designed to be more classroom based, there are 45 days of work experience included in the course.

In 2023, seven further subjects will be added to the list of courses that have become available in 2021 and 2022.

All of the available subject areas are listed in our article about T-Levels

T-Levels are not just useful for the young people who choose to go down this route. They can, of course, also benefit you as an employer. From boosting your company reputation and branding to boosting staff morale. 

Take a look to see how you can benefit from this new way of learning for young people. 

Do You Attend Job Fairs?

In September, we looked at how you could benefit as an employer by attending job fairs

Throughout 2022, we at e4s attended careers fairs for young people aroınd the UK and having job fairs as part of your recruitment strategy could prove beneficial. 

Job fairs are valuable because they give you the opportunity to meet young people in person rather than having to rely solely on CVs and application forms. 

As well as this benefit, you also get the opportunity to boost your company branding. Attending job fairs displays to young people that you are committed to investing in them. It also gives them the opportunity to meet you in person. Rather than simply being an abstract company name where they can apply for jobs, you become a real entity that they are more likely to remember.

Read our article to discover other ways in which you can benefit by attending job fairs. 

How To Enhance Employee Experience Of The Workplace

Do you know how your employees view the environment in which they work? Have you ever considered it? 

If you have never consşdered this before and you did ask your employees how they viewed their workplace, what do you think their reaction would be? Would the answers be what you want to hear? And is it important?

It is important. It is important for boosting your staff retention and also for attracting new young recruits to your workplace. Nobody wants to apply for jobs where they feel their workplace experience is going to be a negative one. 

In this article, we looked at ways in which employers can improve employee experience

Communication with your staff is key to improving employee experience. From finding out how they feel about the workplace to communication on a daily basis about achievable targets, recognition of achievements and wellness. 

How Does The Autumn Budget Affect You?

And then, in November, after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered the Autumn Budget, we looked at how those announcements could affect you as an employer. 

The statement was about a path to stability, growth and public services and 2023 is the year where we should see some progress towards that according to the Budget. 

All employers have been affected in some way by both Brexit and the pandemic and all wanted to see if there was going to be any support offered by the Budget statement. 

In the article, we looked at the key areas where employers could be affected, whether negatively or positively. 

Into 2023

If you are recruiting young people in 2023, you can place your job ads with e4s and reach your target audience

Happy new year to you and let’s look forward to the rest of 2023.