Who visits E4S – NORAS 2010

It’s all very well that Employment4students has around 300,000 unique visitors coming to the site every month. We even tell you how many applications were made through the website – 235,037 in January 2011, but who are the candidates? Are they suitable for your vacancies, and are they going to generate good quality applications for your positions?

Every year, Employment4students participates in NORAS – the national online recruitment audience survey. NORAS is the largest online recruitment research project in Europe. It has run for 8 years and helps you assess the audience and value of the UK’s leading job boards. NORAS survey data has been completed by 200,000 online job seekers and includes more than 4,000,000 answers to online recruitment questions.

This year, we’ve had some questions included which are specific to our candidates.

Our stats (81,000 registered users) suggest that around 55% of our users our female – women seem to be more inclined to fill out surveys which is why NORAS suggests the percentage is as high as 59%!

Most jobsites have a large candidate base who look for information – and who register on the off-chance something great may come along. This skews their figures, and your vacancy is not going to appeal to their whole candidate base. With Employment4students however, our candidates are almost all (89%) actually looking for a job. This is one of the highest percentage of active users seen by jobsites – and ensures you get more applications

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