How much value does a new recruit generate

Ok – it all depends on the role. A sales person might generate a bigger return on investment, but without support staff the business can’t function. So what’s a good return on your investment. Again, that’s impossible to just put a general figure on, but a recruitment campaign run in 2009 certainly generated an excellent return.

Best Job in the WorldTourism Queensland spent around $1 million on a marketing campaign for the region – and dressed it up as recruitment drive. They advertised the “best job in the world”, and undoubtedly offered something pretty exceptional. A salary of over £10,000 a month, free accommodation in a hugely expensive villa with swimming pool. 12 hours work a month required in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Fantastic marketing – and fantastic job!

Anyway – I digress. It has been reported that the recruitment drive and campaign generated more than $200 million in global publicity value for Tourism Queensland. The campaign gave Queensland global coverage and was an internet and social media sensation.

So – $1 million investment, and a $200 million return. That makes recruiting worthwhile!!

Oh – as an aside, Tourism Queensland received over 34,000 applications for the position. Looking through CV’s and video applications must have taken a while!


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